Winner Takes All

My wife and I have been married for nineteen years. She is very hot, but I just needed something new. So, our love life was definitely getting very boring. She began to nag me all the time. One of her favorite complaints was about my one fun night a week when I would play poker with the boys. Well, about a year ago, she decided that she would distract me with her new French maid costume in hopes that I would cancel the game. I got home late from work because of the horrendous Friday night traffic. The other three guys were already there. So, I kissed the kids goodnight and rushed downstairs to start the game. I yelled to my wife to bring me a beer and, while she was at it, I told her to bring beers for all of the guys. I was hungry, too, so I told her to bring some munchies as well. She was wearing sweats, so I brushed past her and down the stairs to the game. Next thing I knew, she was serving the beer in ice-cold mugs with chips while wearing a low cut French maid outfit. She proceeded to lean over the table to serve us, revealing most of her breasts and virtually all of her ass. We were stunned. My friend sitting next to me smiled at me and then smacked her right on the ass. She moaned a little. I gave him an approving look, so he kept his hand there firmly massaging her right in front of me. This really turned me on and my wife could tell. She stood up and said that she would wait on us all night but that we should continue playing. She promised that at the end of the night the winner would be quite happy. So, all night long she leaned, gently brushed up against us, and revealed. We were gong crazy. At one point, my best friend's wife called. She spent the entire call giving him a lap dance. It was extremely hot. His wife kept asking if he was okay. Finally, the game came to an end. My friend who was very shy and very religious won the game on the last hand. She did an amazing striptease and lap dance for about fifteen minutes. We were going crazy and cheering her on. Finally, he had enough. He ripped his pants off and had sex with her right there in front of all of us on the poker table. We were cheering so loud that I thought we would wake the neighbors. Then we had the best sex we had had in years. We have continued that tradition every week since for an entire year. I love it. My friends love it. Their wives don't know about it, but they are now having sex a lot more than they were before. And most of all, my wife feels wonderful about it. She says she feels completely liberated.

— Scott, 41

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