The Moment Was Perfect

The moment was perfect! The car, the rainy, dreary morning, and the right spot. We got a chance again today to meet up with our spouses off to work. We chose a secluded spot at our local store's parking lot. It's definitely not isolated, but since it was dark, cold, rainy, and wet, the setting was just perfect for us to use the backseat of our car to make love. Laura and I made arrangements to meet early before we went to work. When we saw each other, I jumped into the backseat of her SUV, and we started to kiss and make out. Since we don't have anywhere else private to make love, the backseat today was one of our homes to stretch out. And with the extra privacy from the weather, we took our time and really shook the car without people paying attention because it rained hard at times. I wanted her to have many orgasms and, in the end, for me to give her my best in her. When we were done, we snuggled for a while, got dressed, and both headed off to our work.

— Kevin, 36

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