Twenty-Four-Hour Romance

Twenty years ago, I traveled regularly from my home on the west coast for business on the east coast. Usually I stayed with my brother-in-law, Troy, and his wife, Nancy. This one trip, Troy was himself away on business, so it was just Nancy, me, and their two young children. After the kids went to bed, Nancy and I were in the living room sipping wine. After a little too much wine, we began kissing, and then things began to get a little more serious. Our clothes were coming off as we lay in front of the fireplace. We were down to underwear and it was decision time; do we or don't we? At that moment the phone suddenly rang. Nancy got up and went to the kitchen to answer it. It was Troy calling from his hotel out of town. I figured the spell was broken. Then I heard her calling me. When I got into the kitchen, she told me that Troy wanted to talk to me. As I got on the phone to say hello, I was feeling a little guilty, of course. Nancy put her hands on my shoulders and sat me down in a kitchen chair. Then, as Troy and I chatted about nothing important, Nancy slowly removed her bra and panties and sat on my lap mounting me face to face. I was trying to keep my voice level while talking to Troy as his wife was beginning to have sex with me on that kitchen chair. Finally, I managed to gasp a fairly normal, "Good talking to you," and then hung up the phone and turned my attention to Nancy. We finished having sex on the kitchen chair and then adjourned to her bedroom. We went at it all night. At 6:00 in the morning, I called the airline and postponed my scheduled flight home by a day. Then we got her kids up and off to school as we tried to act normally. Then we promptly came back to the house and went back to bed for several more hours. The next morning, I flew back to the west coast. Nancy dropped me off at the airport, gave me a chaste kiss goodbye, and it never happened again. There was a scare a few weeks later when Nancy thought she was pregnant, but fortunately it was a false alarm. For twenty years, we have met from time to time at family gatherings. Although the first meeting was a little uncomfortable, since then we have been relaxed and friendly with each other. It is as if that twenty-four-hour romance never happened. It gave me quite a memory, though. Ever since that night, I have never viewed kitchen chairs in quite the same way.

— Tyler, 58

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