My Friend's New Wife

One of my best friends got married a couple of years ago to a nice-looking, plus size lady. Even while they were dating, she was quite the flirt. She gave me several extended views of her bare breasts as well as photos of her with nothing but a smile. Not long ago, she came over rather upset. She needed to talk. She told me she had caught her husband, Ben, in bed with another man. Being quite upset and not sure what to do, she came to me to talk. I took her hand and held it gently. I told her she was an attractive young lady that any man would be thrilled to be with. She kept saying that she was too fat. I reminded her that I was from Texas where size counts. She then hugged me, and that's when I started getting ideas. I asked her if I could perform oral sex on her. She said, "Well, Ben doesn't like me there." I told her that was his problem. So, she quickly shed her jeans and t-shirt. I was busy admiring the view, and then I removed her panties and proceeded to dine on her. Before long, she wanted to go all the way. For the past two years, we have been making wild love three times a week with a woman twenty years my junior.

— Daniel, 42

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