No More Carrying On

I am a married man with three kids. I have a younger friend who recently split with his wife due to her infidelity. He installed key logging software on his home computer and, when she wasn't around, went through her email which told of her cheating ways fairly accurately. They separated, and the divorce eventually went through with them sharing custody of the kids. They are civil with each other and there seems to be no lasting acrimony. In fact, they seem to get along better now that they're divorced. For some reason, he still wants to know who and what she's doing. Knowing this, this girl of twenty-eight asked me to investigate her new computer that he gave her knowing that he could have installed more monitoring software to feed his curious mind. That day, I arrived and began to run a series of utilities to find if her computer was clean. She was happy to know that nothing was found and offered me a beer for my troubles. As I explained what she could do to test her computer in the future, she casually touched my thigh. Her next pass with her hand on my thigh found me rather excited, and she went for it. She swung her leg over me and was now on my lap facing me. We passionately kissed and my head began to spin. She expertly unbuttoned my jeans and slid her hand inside to find out that I wasn't wearing underwear. She played with me for a while and then demanded more. She immediately laid down on the couch where I slowly removed her clothing. We only had ten minutes of pleasure, though I needed only a minute to 'finish'. We got together two more times before we decided against carrying on. Unfortunately, we never performed oral on each other.

— Zane, 45

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