Great Opportunity!

Fifteen years ago, I was a college freshman living away from home in the dorms on campus. I had a cousin also going to school there. He and his wife would invite me over on Friday nights for some good food. The dorm food was really bad. One Friday night after dinner and a beer, my cousin brought up the subject of sex. I told him the truth that I had never had a woman. I had kissed and touched a little in high school but never laid one. My cousin told me that his wife had never been laid by a virgin and really wanted to see what it was like. He told me that they trusted me, that I was clean, and that I would not tell it all around. Most of all, he was cool with his wife being laid by someone else. I was getting hot from just the talk. I told him I would love the chance. He called to wife in the other room, and she came out clad in a silky see through nightie. She took me by the hand and headed for the bedroom. My cousin told me again he was good with it, so I went. I never made it into her that night, finishing about the time we were both naked on the bed. She never said anything rude but instead invited me back on Saturday night. Saturday night, I lost my virginity with her. That night gave me many daydreams. My cousin was good to his word and never got upset with me doing his wife. It was only that one time with her, but I will always remember it. She got her virgin, and I finally got a piece. We see each other at family get togethers and laugh about it now. Even my wife knows and jokes about it.

— Lance, 34

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