Our Secret Affair

When my wife and I were first together, my mother-in-law would always smile at me. She was pretty open, although casually, about her sex life. After my wife and I were married, we lived for a while at my in-laws'. There was only one bathroom in the house. Sometimes, one of the others in the house would forget to lock the door, or leave it cracked open. I fantasized about my mother-in-law a lot in those days. I thought it would be interesting if I accidentally walked in on her sometime because she had told me once how she wore a night coat with nothing on underneath. So, one night while my wife was at work, I was in the bedroom watching TV and had to use the bathroom. I walked down the hall, and the door was cracked. So, I opened it up to see my mother-in-law standing at the mirror, fixing her hair, stark naked. I lowered my head, rubbed my eyes, and yawned as if I was tired and had not seen her. It was silent as I turned and closed the door. I then turned around to see her standing there with one hand on her hip, staring at me. I was immediately excited at the sight of her naked. She said, "What are you looking at?" but I knew she wanted it. So, I dropped my shorts and she gazed at my package. I walked up to her with a straight look on my face. As she looked up at me, I put my hands on her curvaceous hips and pulled her up against me. Our lips met, and for a few moments I gently tugged on her lower lip as my tongue played just inside her mouth. We fell to the floor and had wild oral and regular sex. We lay there for a few minutes, kissing, our tongues caressing each other's. Finally, I helped her to her feet. She was shaking, but smiling. She looked at me and said, "That's the absolute best sex I have ever had, but we can never do that again." And we didn't, but I still think about that today nearly twenty years later.

— Christopher, 45

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