Doctor's Office

Wow, my wife's a chick. One day, I was at work. I'm a doctor and this girl I work with is my office manager. I noticed that this girl was really checking me out. And, let me tell you, I've had the hots for her for three years. Well, that day I saw her in my office because I wanted to talk to her about what she'd been doing. So, I put a sticky note on her desk to talk to me after work. When she came in to talk to me, she was wearing a bra and thong. Talk about sexy! That really turned me on. She said that she wanted to have sex with me ever since she had arrived. It was great. I didn't leave until about 2:00 a.m. to go home. When I started to go home, out in the parking lot there she was and she was begging for more. So, I took her back to my place and we had sex for five hours straight. I called the other employees and told them I was sick and wasn't coming to work that next day. She finally went home about 8:00 p.m. About three weeks after doing this, I got married to her. Now, let me tell you my wife, her sister, and mom are the hottest people on earth. I can't wait to have sex with the other two. Oh, here she comes now. I hope she wants to have sex.

— Sam, 37

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