NarI'm a tattoo artist and recently a young thirty-four-year-old women came to my shop and requested that I tattoo a brassiere and matching panties on her body. I jumped at the opportunity. I was in a perpetual state of excitement and when the job was finally competed, she said we should celebrate by having sex. We did and it was a great experience. By the way, she loved the bra and panties.rowly Escaped Regret

When she leaves home to go to work, my wife sometimes fondles me good bye. It is not a good time to do so since she leaves me turned on. Very few times have I been able to take her down for a quickie. Last week, she did as usual. I could not resist and replied to her fondling. She was in a skirt, so I pulled it up to grab her and found out her undies were thongs. It was such a turn on. I just took her up to the kitchen counter top and began to give her oral. She liked it and was responding positively when she suddenly pushed me away and told me to stop because our neighbor was looking at us from his kitchen window through ours. We had to stop. She left to work and so did I. That day, I couldn't help thinking of her thongs all day long. I finished working early and headed home as soon as I could. Once at home, I noticed her perfume. I thought she was in there, but she was not. So I figured it could probably be the same smell from that morning in the house. Then I noticed her car was parked outside by the curb. So, I thought she was probably doing some yard work, and she was in our backyard cleaning the gutters with the help of our neighbor. She was in a short skirt and had climbed on top of a ladder. Our neighbor was at the bottom holding the ladder for her and was getting a nice view of her bounties. I stayed quiet to watch her coming down the ladder while our neighbor helped her out, being sure to hold her thighs while doing so. I said hello to both of them just in the moment he had his hands on her legs. They both got nervous, and she almost fell down to the ground. Later that night, she confessed it was such a huge turn on for her in the morning when our neighbor saw us. She said she couldn't help thinking of him all day and decided to tease him a little bit. She added she was happy I got there in time because she was loosing control of herself and would not like to live with the regret of what was just about to happen.

— Stephan, 41

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