The Most Incredible Affair

I'm a pretty good cyclist. I competed in the Tour de France twice a couple of years ago, but mainly now just do it for fun with a cycling club in my town. There are only a dozen of us in the group, but this summer a new woman named Megan joined. I was instantly attracted to her tight body, and we began flirting with each other regularly. The fact that she's married means little to me. I wanted to have sex with her, and I knew the feeling was mutual. I started asking her out on bike rides separate from our club meets, and one day we headed out to the country together. After a full morning of cycling, we put the bikes back on to the tailgate of my Jeep and headed home. On the way, however, an idea struck me. I pulled off the main road into a clearing on a ridge that has a great view of the entire area. After sitting and talking for a few minutes I made my move, and we began making out. Just before I tried to pull our clothes off, however, she hesitated and said she thought what we were doing was wrong. At this point, I was so horny I couldn't think straight. So, I placed her hand over the growing bulge in my shorts and said, "Something wrong can't feel this good." It worked. She moaned, "Take me," and within seconds we were tearing each others' clothes off. We crawled into the back seat of the Jeep, Megan underneath me. She said she had never seen one as long as mine, and she was practically hyperventilating as I slowly began making love to her. She was soon moaning very loud, and it was such a turn-on knowing we were alone for miles in the outdoors. Megan's skin was a bright shade of pink afterwards, and she told me she had experienced a full-body orgasm she had never felt before. The drive home was a little awkward; neither of us said much, but I dropped her off at her place before her husband and kid got home. We've since picked up where we left off, and it's been one of the most incredible affairs I've ever been involved in.

— David, 27

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