A Dare Pays Off

A couple of years ago in school, there was one girl who everyone knew. Her name was Liz. She was known for being the prettiest girl in school. She had the perfect body, nice boobs, the nicest butt, and the most beautiful face you'll ever see. On the last week of school, my friends dared me to "accidentally" touch her breasts. I agreed. One day when she was about to pass, I made my move. I was walking toward her, pretending to get a drink. As she got closer, I moved over a little. She approached closer, closer, and then closer when finally I got her right breast. But I was too obvious, and she knew what I had done. I prepared to be slapped across the face. But, apparently she enjoyed the feeling because when I apologized she just said, "No prob," and walked away. What really astonished me and my friends happened at lunch. I apologized once more and started to walk away when I felt someone slap my butt. I turned around and found her standing there with her hands behind her back and looking at the sky. When she looked at me, we made eye contact, and I smiled at her and walked away. She is still my girlfriend to this day, and we plan to get married in March of 2008.

— Carl, 19

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