My Life-Long Obsession

I am forty-five years old. For the last thirty years, I have been unable to stop thinking, fantasizing, and masturbating about my freshman English teacher in high school. A lot of people probably wouldn't have found her sexy because she was what could be kindly described as "heavy-set". The part that astounded me was how tight her clothing was. I've always heard that it's much easier to find plus-size clothing now than it was in the seventies. This must have been true for her because her clothes were outrageously tight. No matter what she wore on any given day, you could see her panty line right down to the "V" in her crotch. And her huge breasts swayed left and right just from her walking across the room. I often wondered if she was consciously teasing me or if she just couldn't find looser clothing. I went to her high school for three years. Even after I completed her freshman class, I would approach her every day and tell her a corny joke just to have an excuse to be just inches away from the most beautiful body I'd ever seen. Sometimes after I'd tell her a joke, she'd press her finger to my nose or wink at me before sashaying away. She used to wear outfits that had jackets to them so that she could try to cover up her breasts in class although it never worked. One day, she took off her jacket and left it on a table near my desk. I was so horny that, while the other students were at the other end of the room working on a group project, I went over and rubbed her coat continuously with my hand. It was pointless, I know, but I just wanted to touch something that had been so close to her body. When I looked over at my teacher, she only gave me a weak smile. After my third year at her school, I moved to another state and thought I would forget about her. But it has never happened. I can honestly say that I've masturbated over yearbook photos of this woman at least once a day for the past thirty years. By my estimation, this woman, if she's still alive, is about seventy years old. Even though I'm happily married, I often think that if this woman came to my doorstep and told me to have sex with her, I'd be hard-pressed to deny her demand. If I could just be her husband for one hour, I'd do everything I've ever fantasized about with her beautiful body, and she wouldn't know what hit her.

— Claude, 45

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