A Life Adjustment

I am a first time contributor but a long time reader. My thirty-something sister-in-law is having kind of a meltdown in her marriage because she's never had a social due to having kids so early in her life. From what I understand and have observed, she was a real party animal before her kids and then got really strict so her kids would have a straight and narrow life. So, now her kids are gone and she is having problems adjusting back to her old ways. She was visiting us, and we went out to a classy drinking establishment where everything was going fine. Then some college guys sat across from us. My wife left for a drink, and it was just her and me. I saw her looking at the guys and smiling. I told her she should go over and mess with their minds. She said they were too young. I told her that no one knows her in this part of the US and that what happens here stays here. We left before anything happened, but I am trying to get her to live where we do so I can create some mischief. I would so try to get her to be wild because she's cute and petite. I would try to tap it, but I'd be willing to forgo it if I knew she could be herself, wild and free to have a happy life full of adventure.

— Stanley, 35

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