Misty's Fool

I thoroughly relish the experience of being humiliated, abused, and blatantly used by beautiful women. I confessed my unique desires to a stripper named Misty, and she graciously agreed to accommodate me on a regular basis. The following statements are completely true. At the time of this writing, I am forty-six years old. Misty is twenty-three years old. She has made a fool of me again and again, and I keep coming back for more. Misty calls me her "fool". Misty enjoys financial servitude and has gradually taken thousands of dollars from me since we first met. Typically, I am expected to kneel before her and hold my wallet open for her convenience. After her lovely fingers have plucked the bills from my wallet, Misty shows her gratitude by slapping me and spitting in my face. I love the degradation of having Misty's saliva trickling down my face, and I love to feel her handprint, red and burning on my cheek, after she has slapped the crap out of me. It thrills me to know that she will spend my hard-earned money frivolously and for her own selfish enjoyment. Since Misty takes pleasure in receiving gifts, I have made a habit of buying her candy, flowers, clothes, and jewelry. Misty sometimes uses me to run errands for her, too. I deliver take-out food to her at work on a regular basis. She lets me clean her car whenever the need arises. She lets me do her grocery shopping and has even let me do her housework, too. Sometimes, if I am very lucky, she allows me to worship her beautiful feet. Whether her feet are hot and sweaty from dancing, or filthy from going barefoot, I love to bathe them with my tongue. To add to my humiliation, Misty has told several of the ladies with whom she works and her current boyfriend how she dominates and uses me. She tells me how they all laugh at my foolishness. The level of my devotion and submission to Misty is unparalleled.

— Manny, 46

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