Favor For A Friend

When I was a first semester senior in college, my best friend asked me to take his girlfriend out as he had to work over Thanksgiving weekend. She lived across the river from the city and down a country lane. Going out this lane after picking her up, she moved across the seat near me. So, I put my arm on the seat behind her. I hit a bump and my hand landed on her right breast. I hurriedly removed it when she said, "That's okay." I put it back and gave it a squeeze. When we reached the main road, I stopped and turned the motor off and thought what the hell? Try! I asked her where people parked around there. She said there was a boat landing up the road. We made out like mad and were late to the party. Before the Christmas holiday, I told my friend about it. He was very mad and wondered if she would do it now. I didn't need that! We stayed together for a couple of years and had sex in every way possible. One weekend, a friend visited and asked me if he could date her. He did, and they got married. The night before the marriage, I was out with friends and she contacted me. We had our last fling, and it was great, hot sex. I have not seen her since.

— Brent, 39

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