My First

I was nineteen, and my next door neighbor lady was thirty-eight. She was a very pretty brunette with a great body. Although she had always treated me like an aunt, there was something there that confused me. While doing lawn work and cleaning the pool for her, she had flashed me a couple of times, once in bra and panties and another time completely nude. Naturally, I was aroused but afraid to let her know I saw her or that I was turned on. While my parents were on vacation and her husband was away on business in Europe, she called me to her house one Friday night. She had been to the country club and had a little too much wine. I went next door to her house. We sat in the Florida room and talked for some time. Her voice was husky and she kept holding my hand and rubbing herself with it. She excused herself and, in a few minutes, asked me to come to her bedroom. When I walked in, there was a large white towel laid out on the bed, and she was in her bra and panties. I wanted to run, but my feet would not move. She told me to undress. I was scared to death, but also very excited. I did as I was told, and she took off her bra and revealed herself to me. She laid down on the towel and told me to kiss her and pointed where. As I begin to kiss, she told me what to do. Then she gave me my first.

— James, 56

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