Yep, She's Bi!

Last weekend, my fiancé and I decided to have one of our coworkers over to hang out. It all started off as going out to lunch, and then we were supposed to go bowling and get a few drinks at the bar. Well, we all decided against bowling and hit the liquor store instead. I told her that he was amazing at making drinks. So, when we got home, my happy little bartender got to work and made us all endless drinks. Having forgotten I left the Kama Sutra book out on the coffee table where we were all sitting, she picks it up and starts commenting on how fun it would be for us to take turns in these positions. We both knew she had a crush on us. Yep, she's bi. So, the sexual jokes kept coming from all of us. Then the most amazing thing happened. She told my fiancé that she wanted to give me oral. I was shocked. I had never been given oral from a female. I was already on the bed giving him oral when I felt her get on the bed, too. You can guess the rest. It was an extremely fun night. He stayed up to the challenge. The best part of it, though, was when we all got back to work. Everyone asked if we all had fun, and we couldn't stop laughing. She is coming over again this weekend. I think this time we are going to play pool.

— Laura, 27

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