Can't Let Go

Here is my confession. My girlfriend never wanted to do a threesome or anything wild. Well, one night, she got really drunk and passed out on the floor. Me and my friend got her clothes off her and got her to the bed. As we were about to leave, he smiled at me and put his hand between her legs. He was there for about five minutes and she never stirred. So, I spread her legs open and joined him in massaging her clit. Again, not a peep from her, but her juices were really flowing from our fingers. Before I knew what was happening, he had climbed on top of her and was fucking her like crazy. I began licking her tits and rubbing my dick on them. As soon as he came in her, he pulled out and motioned for me. I then fucked her and the feeling of his cum inside was so exciting! We called up a couple of other friends who then fucked her, and I took her again. The more cum she had in there from other guys, the more excited I got. Watching them fuck her until they came was also a big turn on. Everyone finally went home and I fell into an exhausted but happy sleep. I woke up to her asking me to explain why there was cum all over her. I had a hard time with that, but when I finally told her the truth, she was intrigued. She wants to do it sober now. I can't wait!

— Marty, 38

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