Confused and Torn

My ex-boyfriend has been married to his wife for four years and just had a child a few months back. I contacted him via email to say hello. This has since progressed to a lot of emails and cell phone calls during the day. I know he is happy in his marriage, but he is asking me for phone and cyber sex. He also keeps telling me how wonderful it is to talk to me and how just talking to him gets him aroused. The weird part is that I love talking to him, and he can still make me laugh as always. I really am tempted to go see him or possibly even sleep with him. I am worried that this will happen and that I will not have the will power to stop myself. Why is this happening? Why do we still feel this way about each other? Have we always loved each other and is this why it's coming out now? I'm confused.

— Carly, 28

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