Nothing Could Stop Us

Well, my friend Kate came over and she told me about her boyfriend. As she rambled on, I slowly moved towards her. She began to lay down and put her hands in very private places. I was so turned on that I asked her if she wanted some help. She just smiled. Before we knew it, I was on top of her. It was so hot we went in the backyard. Her neighbor was this hot guy about our age. He came out, and we just had to make him notice us. We laughed, and slowly he came towards us. Soon we were rolling around laughing and playing with each other. I had never really given it any thought, but it turns out that Kate has a DD bust. Gary was having fun and, believe me, so was I. It started to rain and that made me more excited. I grabbed at Gary and we were all at it. Nothing could stop us. So, we went for more than two hours.

— Josie, 20

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