In Total Lust

Two years ago, I was in total lust with a really hot DJ from a local radio station. He and I somehow started sending emails that were sweet and flirty at first and then progressed to dirty and then kinky. He said he always wanted someone, a stranger, to watch him masturbate. I have always wanted to watch. I drove to his house and stood in his backyard and watched him. His body was beautiful. He was athletic, slim, toned, tight, and had beautiful abs. I stood in the dark yard while he sat in a chair by the glass doors and performed for me. It was incredible. Later, he was working a special event in town one weekend and I said I would bring him coffee while he was on-air. I hung out for a bit, and we got together when his show was over. His fantasy was to be dominated by a woman. While sitting and chatting nervously in his car, I ordered him to show me his package. It was just so unbelievably huge; by far the largest I had ever seen. At that moment, I knew I had to give him oral. We were in a car, in a parking lot of a busy coffee shop at noon on a Saturday afternoon, and I was going at it. Being in public was hot for me. It was fantastic. Too bad he moved away. I still want him to this day.

— Lauren, 25

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