Mission Accomplished

Two sorority sisters and I and our boyfriends took one last trip to Florida before graduation. We rented a condo unit in a building right on the beach. Two days into our stay, a black family checked into the same building. The next morning, they set up on the beach next to us. There was a young woman, two small children and a man, Micah. More accurately, I should say he was the most gorgeous man I had ever seen. He was tall, had a hard, swimmer's body, chiseled muscles, dazzling smile, outrageously handsome, and he was absolutely charming. Even better, he wasn't husband and father, he was brother and uncle. He was friendly to everyone in our group. Even the guys liked him. He treated everyone the same, meaning he didn't come on to any of the girls. I found this very curious. I have always been a terrible flirt. Even when my boyfriend is around, I love to get a rise out of other guys. I'm the cheerleader type; blonde, golden tan, and very pretty with a killer body. Guys love my body. I get hit on all the time when my boyfriend is not with me. But Micah didn't seem to notice me that way. It was a challenge I couldn't resist. The next day, I got down to the beach before the rest of my friends. Micah was there already, alone as well. I was wearing a tiny bikini. I may as well have been naked for all that it covered. We engaged in some small talk while I applied my tanning oil. I made sure he got a good look at me smoothing it over my skin. I asked if he would do my back. I undid the string tie, held the front on with both hands, and turned around. His hands were large and strong. He slowly stroked oil across my shoulders and all the way down to my butt. I made certain to comment that his hands felt wonderful and that I'd be happy to "do him in return". But he didn't take the bait. "No thanks," he said, "my sister put some on my back before I came down." The day after, all three of our guys entered a poker tournament at a casino a couple of hours away. My girlfriends and I decided to go drinking and dancing that night. I was pleasantly surprised when my boyfriend suggested that we ask Micah and his sister to go with us. They readily agreed, but his sister later had to cancel when one of her kids didn't feel well. But Micah was happy to come along. I heard a sound, and it was opportunity knocking. I was going to be sure to stack the deck in my favor this time. I put on my tiniest thong and a knit mini-skirt that fit snugly across my butt. I have a great ass; not too wide and with a nice, rounded shape. It's hard enough to bounce a dime off of. I wore a short, white, sleeveless tee-shirt. The neck and back scooped very low, very thin, very tight, and I wore no bra. It showed a lot of cleavage and hugged my curves like a second skin. My breasts are not huge, but are very firm with a large cup size. One of my girlfriends commented that I must be looking to get laid that night. The bar we went to was busy and the dance floor was crowded. The four of us had a blast. We danced as a group, and Micah took turns dancing with each of us. I wasn't surprised that he was a great dancer. Whenever I had the opportunity, I would rub up against him. He didn't push back, but he didn't back away either. And it seemed that as the night wore on, he danced more with me on slow songs and what my friends and I call "grinders", songs with sensuous beats that are perfect for pressing up against your dance partner. In the early morning hours, my friends wanted to leave the bar to party with another group of people that we knew. I begged off, and Micah said that he would get me back to the condo. We had another drink, danced a couple more slow dances, and left. My friends had taken our car, but the condo was not far. It was raining softly, but it was warm and I was buzzed, so walking was perfect. It was time to ramp up my efforts as well. At first I made it seem accidental as I brushed against Micah as we walked. Then I casually took hold of his arm, first with one hand and then both. His forearm and bicep felt like iron. The rain soaked my tee shirt and hair. I pulled my hair back and let the water drip down my back. My thin shirt had plastered itself tightly to my sides, outlining my body perfectly. It looked painted on me. It was very sexy. I know that Micah noticed. He began to take longer looks at me as his eyes spent much more time staring at my body. He had taken his shirt off and stuffed the end in the back pocket of his cargo shorts. Under the street lights, the rain glistened on his dark, muscular chest. That was hot, too. It was time to escalate my efforts again. I asked him if he was having a nice time with me tonight. I further commented that I noticed in the bar that everyone had been staring at us and how they must have thought that we were a couple. I said that my friends had told me they thought we looked really hot together. I told him we could pretend we were on a hot date, so what should we do next? He said if that were the case, we probably should kiss. We were almost to the condo. There was a spot next to our path that was shaded from the lights. I let my hand slip into his and led him into the shadows, out of sight of the street. I turned to face him, and we kissed. His lips were full and soft. I pulled my face back and suggested he show me his condo. The rest of his condo was asleep. In his room we kissed and groped some more. We then had oral and regular sex. We spent over two hours doing this. I hadn't thought I'd be out so late. I wasn't worried what to tell my girlfriends, I'd be bragging to them. But I was worried about my boyfriend. I was very lucky, though. When Micah took me back to my condo, there was no one home. The girls were still out partying, and one of the guys had played his way to the last round of the poker tournament and the other two stayed to watch. We had sex twice more in the hallway inside the front door. My only regrets are that we couldn't find another time during vacation to hook up and that I didn't videotape the experience. I have his address and a promise that we will find each other again. It was mission accomplished, in a very BIG way.

— Victoria, 22

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