Rekindling The Passion

I spent some time last year in Virginia. It's when the lust all began with a hunk of a guy. The first time we met, I almost ran him over in the hallway of the hotel. A week or so later, he called me to come and watch the game on TV. Needless to say, several of bottles of wine later, we were having the best sex ever! It was just sex, but it was quality sex. The same thing happened the next night, and then again a week later. I have never felt this way. Imagine hours upon hours of the most mind blowing sex. I left Virginia, but I also had his number. Several months later, I contacted him out of the blue. Luckily, he remembered me. We both travel for our work, so it makes it hard for a hook up. We still find time to meet one another in different places just to rekindle those passionate nights.

— Samantha, 30

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