On Again

I am married to a pretty good man. He provides for me and our family very well. I, however, am very unhappy. I don't know that I love him at all and don't want to tell him. I met a man seven years ago online. We had an on-and-off phone and email relationship. We recently are back on again. I have a strong connection with this guy online. We share pictures and talk about everything under the sun. I think that this time he and I are both in a place after seven years to take the chance and see if we can work. He is willing to move cross-country to see if we can work. I have never had more than an emotional relationship with the internet guy. We have never met in person. I am willing and thinking very seriously about turning my life upside down to be with a man I have only talked to and never met. I think he could be my one true love. That is why we keep coming back to each other.

— Tanya, 30

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