In Love With A Minister

I'm in love with my minister at church. At first we were just friends, but we started to get to know each other much better. I became more attached to him. To make it any worse, he is married. A month after we got together, he claimed that he's filing for a divorce. So, he and his wife got separated, and he and I got together. Well, as the months went past, we got sexually involved with each other. But a time came when we thought about was going on between us. How we shouldn't be doing this, and how wrong it was. Now, his wife is back saying that she is three months pregnant, but he is saying that he is for sure that it is not his because in between the time she was dating someone new. Now he is confused and not sure what he's going to do. I'm scared that he's going to leave me.

— Kendra, 26

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