Longing For Love

I have been married for ten years. My husband is more than twenty years older than me and is extremely jealous. We have two kids. We argue all the time. We went to a luxury resort with the whole family and while there I met an absolutely gorgeous single guy seven years younger than me. We had an instant connection. In fact, I felt that I had fallen in love with him at the first sight. The next night, I went to his room. We fooled around. He gave me an oral pleasure. We experienced true intimacy, but I did not want to go all the way. I did not want a quickie, and there was not enough time for making love because I had to go to sleep in my room with my husband and kids. Now we are back from vacation. Luckily, he lives two hours away. I am planning to lie to my husband and meet my future lover for a weekend. I am full of anticipation and longing for love.

— Caroline, 34

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