On First Impulse

I am not sure why, but I have always thought my father-in-law was very sexy. Art is very handsome, has a great smile, and has kept himself in excellent shape. Whenever we were together, I found myself enjoying his rugged good looks. What I did not realize was that he apparently was admiring my body whenever he had the opportunity. I discovered all this one weekend when my in-laws had come for a visit. Late Friday evening, I went down to the kitchen, thinking everybody else in the house was asleep. I was surprised to find my father-in-law already there. My nightgown didn't leave much to the imagination, and Art made me blush when he told me I was obviously every bit as attractive as he had imagined. He then told me how lucky he was to have such a beautiful daughter-in-law. He came up to me and turned me around so that he was standing behind me. At that point, he nuzzled my neck and reached around with his hands. I was very surprised. My first impulse was to tell him to stop, but I found myself enjoying the fondling and kissing. I let him continue for a few minutes as I closed my eyes and enjoyed the sensations. Then I turned around and we kissed on the mouth. It was a very passionate kiss, and pretty soon we were doing some heavy-duty French kissing. Suddenly, he lifted my nightgown and hoisted me up onto the edge of the kitchen counter. It was raw passion. The sex was hot and intense. Afterwards, we gently kissed, and we finally returned to our respective bedrooms. He kissed me goodnight outside my bedroom door. I went to bed, but could not sleep, as I kept thinking about the amazing and wonderful experience I had just had. I was surprised at what had happened, but I wanted to enjoy Art some more if I got the opportunity. The next day, we acted as if nothing had occurred. When my husband agreed to help his mother with some errands, I gave my father-in-law a wink. As soon as they walked out the door, Art and I were kissing. This time we went to my bedroom where we knew we would be alone for about three hours. The first time was hot and intense just like the night before. Then we cuddled, and the hot passion of the first time was replaced with the slower pace of extended love-making. Art told me he had fantasized about being with me ever since we had first met. I told him I was glad his fantasy came true and that he could have me whenever he desired. Our afternoon encounter ended only when we heard the garage door opening, indicating the return of my husband and his mother. Late that night, we once again had a round of passion as the others slept. My in-laws left the next day as planned but not before I gave Art oral. However, there was still another surprise in store for me. A couple of weeks later, I missed my cycle. A few days later, the doctor congratulated me and told me I was pregnant. My husband is thrilled. However, his father is even more thrilled. My husband will never know, of course, but I have confirmed to Art that the timing was right for the baby to be his. I don't know if it will happen, but personally I would not object if Art wanted to bless me with a second child sometime in the future.

— Brenda, 24

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