Coed Sleepover

I have known this guy for a long time. We are in several college clubs together and have a lot in common. I started liking him because he was funny and drop-dead handsome. I flirted with him even when I knew he had a girlfriend. The girlfriend found out and got mad at both of us. Well, one Saturday at our school when we had a meeting, I heard the guy talk to his girlfriend, and then he broke up with her. He walked back into the classroom we were using for our event and asked me to follow him. I did, and in the hallway he held my hand. Then we went to the opposite end of the school. He asked me if I liked him, and I said yes. Then he kissed me, and we had a long hot make out session. He said he wanted me so badly that he broke up with his girlfriend. He started kissing my body and then had sex with me. It was so amazing. I had never had a better experience. Then he drove me to his house where we got in his Jacuzzi and made love again. I gave him the best oral he said he ever had. Then we moved into the house where nobody was home. I ended up spending the night at his house because there was a blizzard. His parents had ended up staying the night in Chicago because the roads were icy. So, what happened? Every time there's a storm and his parents aren't home, we have our little coed sleepover.

— Monica, 19

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