Quiet Thrills

I'm in my forties. One night while instant messaging with my husband's uncle, the teasing crossed the line from jokes about my well-endowed figure, to the blunt question, "Do you like to have them felt?" I spent about and hour trying to change the subject. When it grew late and he said, "Let's get to bed," I couldn't resist asking, "Your place or mine?" The next night, we met online again and pleasured ourselves. We debated about what would happen when we finally saw each other in person. On both occasions, we had a lot of fun after everyone else had gone to bed. He is seventy-three and had never had oral sex performed on him until I did it at my house while my husband and his wife were asleep in rooms upstairs. He is so kind and knows all the right things to say to make me so excited. What's more is that he cares about me enough to not go bragging and jeopardizing my marriage to his nephew.

— Alice, 43

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