Social Butterfly

I have been engaged to a great guy for the last six months. We're getting married this coming summer. He's the preppy, all-American type, super nice, really cute, and will be a great provider and all. However, he's very predictable and a real straight arrow. I used to be a wild child in college and sometimes really miss those days. I had been really good up until a few weeks ago. The company my step-father and uncle own threw a huge Christmas party at their office and warehouse. My fiancé also has them as a client. Of course, we went. I have always loved to dress really hot for parties and clubbing. I wore a little, short, black dress with some glittery silver-gray stockings and a sexy, lacy thong underneath. My fiancé is bad to leave me alone to socialize at social functions while he gets with friends to play video games and pool. That's exactly what happened. While I was sitting across the room from him, a couple of guys I had never met sat across the coffee table from me and were really checking me out. I noticed their eyes kept checking out me legs and trying to get peeks up my dress. So, I put on a little tease show for them. I really got turned on doing this. I excused myself to go to the ladies room and told them I'd be right back. I went to the bathroom, took my panties off, and went back to the couch where I had been. This time, when I was sure no one else could see, I gave them both a good long look up my dress. Then I got up and walked out of the room, giving them a real come-on look. They followed me down the hall, and then we went into an office and locked the door. I ended up having the wildest sex with them both on the desk and on a little couch in that office. My fiancé was never even suspected that anything went on that night.

— Josie, 22

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