Biker Rally

I'm a forty-four year old white female with 46DD breasts. I have been married for twenty-six years now. I love my husband, who is fifty-five and very well endowed. Last year, a friend and I went to a biker rally. We stayed at a resort and there were three very young dudes staying there a few floors down. They were nineteen, twenty-four, and twenty-six years old. My friend and I were in the hot tub on the first day there when they came down and got in with us. I knew they were looking at me. They started making little comments; one thing led to another and I went to their room with them. My friend was too afraid to go because she had a boyfriend. I hadn't been with a dude twenty years younger ever. I let them gangbang me. It was the best sex I've ever had. The boys videoed everything on their cell phones so they could enjoy it whenever they want to.

— Leslie, 44

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