Special Friend

I have a friend I have known since we were at school together; he married another school friend who died of cancer last year. I go around every week to help with cleaning and make sure he is eating ok. I went last Friday and decided to give his kitchen a good clean. I got really dirty, so I put my clothes in his washing machine and then went for a shower. I came down in a big towel and put my clothes in his dryer; in the meantime, he had made a coffee, so we sat chatting. He got quite emotional over his wife and said how he missed her; particularly the hugs, cuddles, and stuff. We ended up hugging each other and both crying. I kissed him on the cheek; he stroked my hair; we kissed properly, he apologized. I pulled him back and kissed him again; I wanted so much to give him what he was missing. I was getting really excited, so I opened my towel and reached down to undo his trousers. He stood up and pulled me to my feet; my towel dropped to the floor. We had sex right there. Well, that was just the start. We had sex again, then again on his bed. Not sure what to tell my husband. I think I will keep it a secret, but I am going around still every week to clean and yes, have sex.

— Emily, 34

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