No One Knows

One night, my girlfriend left the city after having a fight with her husband, Greg. Greg had been flirting with me all night and it got out of hand, so she had enough! Greg didn't care that she left, so he ended up getting on the train with me to go home a little while later. While sitting next to me, surrounded by our friends, he started to touch my thigh. He kept pressing into my upper thigh and then toward my stockings waistband. He was able to get his hand up to my hot spot! It felt so good; I just couldn't stop him. He had me so excited that it didn't take long before everything was finished right there with all my friends around not noticing a thing. My boyfriend's brother was sleeping right next to me and had no idea the fun I was having. I think about that night so often. It's not the first time Greg touched me while around our friends. We have been to many parties where he finds a way to go under my skirt (of course I wear convenient outfits). I'm not even that into him. It's more about the excitement of him touching me while no one else suspects, including my boyfriend and Greg' wife. The best time was when we were in a crowded bar, Greg had his hand up my skirt while I was 'trying' to have a conversation with my boyfriend, who was standing right next to me. Greg was standing behind me and leaning between us while we three were talking. It is such a turn on how my boyfriend has no idea and very hard to keep a straight face. My boyfriend did ask me if I was okay, but he chalked it up to me being buzzed. If you have the opportunity, you must try this. It feels so good. My friends and I are going on a cruise soon. I'm sure I'll be back with more hot stories, stay tuned!

— Olivia, 37

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