Passed The Test

I was married at nineteen. My husband was in the Navy stationed in Nevada. When he was sent overseas for a year, I was terribly upset as we both had become nympho for sex. I moved to Reno to get a job that was not available in the desert where he was stationed. I found a job as a waitress. It was not the best, but it would keep me busy. After a few days, a lady approached me about earning more money. Curious, I talked to her and found out she was recruiting for a brothel. It really turned me on because by now I was missing my husband. The next day, I called her and met her. She took me to a brothel nearby for an interview. I was accepted. The madam told me I needed to show her how good I could perform with her bouncer boyfriend. I passed the test as she watched us in bed. Then, I was sent for a physical and to register with the Sheriff as a prostitute. As the new girl, I was tasking care of three to five men and women a day. Weekends were twice as busy. I had experimented with girls in high school, so women were normal for me. About my second week, the pastor from my hometown church showed up. During the line up, he picked me. He explained that his wife was very cold, so he often visited this brothel and was pleased to find me. I knew he would never tell anyone as he was cheating on his wife. Several months later, my aunt's husband picked me from the line up. I knew he was cheating on my aunt and would not tell. On his second visit to me, he asked if I would teach his stepdaughter about pleasing women as she was curious. She was eighteen, the minimum age to get into brothels. After he watched me with her, he had me. Then he had the two of us at the same time. Since my husband has returned, we have been to several family affairs. Twice I have given my favorite uncle oral and his stepdaughter a visit. As for the pastor, we have had several times together since I quit the brothel. My husband has no knowledge of what I have done. He is my best lover now.

— Trina, 25

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