I went to Italy for the summer with some of my friends. The weather was beautiful, and there was so much to see, but we basically tanned and ate pizza the whole time. One day, my friends wanted to turn in early and nap. I wanted to tan more, so I told them I'd be at the hotel in an hour or so. Seeing they were out of sight, I took off my top like the rest of the Italian girls and tanned my boobs. I was resting until I felt someone sit at my side. I got up to only see an incredibly gorgeous Italian guy in a tight, small bathing suit. He was looking at my boobs, and I could tell he was interested. He fortunately spoke English and took me to his hotel room. We talked and played around, and then suddenly we started making out. I gave him oral, and I could tell he was pleased. We had amazing sex and repeated the same thing for the next week. My friends never found out because I made something up each time. At the end of the week, he asked me if I would mind someone taking pictures of us having sex. He wasn't going to put it on the internet but really wanted to remember me. I said no, but we still had incredible sex the night before I came home.

— Nicole, 26

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