No Hesitation

A while back, my husband tied me to the bed, and he and his friends had sex with me. Ever since that night, I think about it all the time and have looked forward to the next time. This weekend, four of his friends came over. I was serving drinks and mingling. They were very polite and nothing was said for a while. About 10:30, my husband asked me to come upstairs with him. I knew what was coming, and I was so excited. He told me, "You remember what happened last time, right?" "Yes," I said with a big grin. I really wanted it again. This time there was no hesitation. I stripped naked and got in bed. My husband handcuffed my hands above my head and tied them to the headboard. He didn't blindfold me this time. Then he went downstairs and got his friends. When they sat down on the bed, they were asking me questions about last time. Questions like, "Were you sore?", "Can you guess which one I was?" or "Do you enjoy being tied up?" They seemed to enjoy this as my husband was filming us. His friends enjoyed touching me like last time, and it wasn't long before I got excited. I took turns giving them oral sex and they would take turns giving me oral. Soon they started having sex with me. The sex was incredible, and it lasted for hours. When one would get tired, another one would take over. I was out of my mind with pleasure. This went on all night until we all finally fell asleep. About 11:00 a.m., my husband awakened me. He asked me to shower and make breakfast. I took a long hot bath while my husband visited me. By this time, a couple of his friends were awake and they came in to watch. I didn't mind at all. After my bath, we came downstairs where most of them were sleeping and began to make breakfast. Before I knew it, I had helpers in the kitchen. They were doing a lot of touching, but we finally got breakfast done and eaten. Soon after, I was walked to the living room floor where I was stripped naked again. I looked up, and there was my husband with the video camera. His friends started touching me everywhere. Very soon I was taking care of all of them. They all took turns with me, and each one took turns filming and getting some very interesting shots. They all promised to come over very soon and watch the video. I can't wait, and I promise to send in my confession.

— Jocelyn, 26

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