Sexual Tension

My best friend's husband has been in jail for almost six months now. As this is a recurring issue, I am a constant source of encouragement for Janet to get out and have her needs met. Up until recently, she has been hesitant to act this out. Janet has always known that I am openly expressive with my sexuality. When we shared a house with a third girlfriend, Janet walked in on the two of us with some guy friends, and I have picked up on some "jealousy" vibes ever since. She had "come on" to me a few times in public but later confessed that it was just a ploy to attract men. I believed her as she was raised in a conservative household and had always been slightly vocal against promiscuity. Janet and I have been best friends for almost six years. We're both married with children. Since her husband is usually gone, I spend a couple nights a week on average at Janet's house, sometimes with my kids in tow. We usually hang out in her bedroom on her king size bed watching chick flicks, drinking pina coladas and margaritas. Recently, though, I couldn't help but notice that Janet had been making a lot of suggestive comments toward me in this very private setting. I have always been physically attracted to her, and the sexual tension on my part was becoming unbearable. After "testing the waters" with some experimental behavior, I realized that Janet was honestly interested in a sexual affair. Watching for the cue, I finally was able to initiate a night of purely ravenous and pleasurable exploration. She adamantly refused my request to let me pleasure her, and her alone, all night long. This has left me looking forward to the future of our relationship more than I ever imagined! I just can't wait to get one or both of our men involved!

— Karen, 27

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