Pantyhose Confession

After reading so many confessions related to pantyhose, I thought I would share this. First of all, pantyhose are one of a woman's most powerful weapons and most women do not even know it. Fact is, men drool for women in hose. I realized this in school. I have had a serious fetish and love for pantyhose since I was young. I have always loved wearing them and loved how any guy would do anything I asked just so he could get a chance to touch my pantyhose. All my life, I have been teasing and controlling guys with my glossy hose. I have convinced countless men to even wear pantyhose for me. I work in a law firm with ten other males, some of them big powerful lawyers. All but one of them wear pantyhose under their suits to work for me. I have convinced them all, even the married ones, to start wearing pretty, silky pantyhose to work on a daily basis. They do not know the other guys are wearing them. I have bought them their first few pairs and now most of them have begun buying their own. I love knowing they all are wearing women's pantyhose and I love how they all cater to me. Men are so easy to convince to do this sort of thing. Two of them have been shaving completely every morning before putting the hose on. I love how pantyhose look on a guy; it makes his rear end so nice. They make him so humble and eager to please. I am currently working on the only guy in the office who is not sneaking around with pantyhose under his suit. Women, try putting your man in pantyhose today! You will love it!

— Bethany, 34

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