Seeking A Sign

I met this guy during my freshman year in college. We had two semesters of English together. He then was a bit on the eccentric side. He had dreadlocks and torn jeans, while I was seeking to be the best dressed on campus. He intrigued me because he was cute, very intelligent, and confident about his identity. For some reason, I did not see him again until my junior year. Somehow we must have missed each other. Then out of the blue I saw him in the computer lab at school. He was seated by the television at an empty table with his laptop opened. We spoke and caught up on old times. He invited me to go to a poetry spot, so we kicked it and talked all night long. We continued to hang out off and on for the next six months, but I've never really been sure of what to make of our relationship. I couldn't be sure if he wanted something steady or to just remain friends. After all, up to this point we hadn't even shared a kiss yet. One day, though, he invited me and a friend to go to the beach. We spent the night there. As the night went on and the sun began to rise, we shared our first kiss. It was great. A week after that we went to an office party together. I had one too many Margaritas and ended up drunk. He got drunk, too. We went back to his place and had amazing, hot sex. Now I am really feeling him. I have been for a while, but he's not really saying anything. I don't know what he's thinking or feeling. I don't feel badly about the sex since I have known him for so long. But I just wish he would give me a sign so I could be reassured that he does feel for me the way that I feel for him.

— Lilly, 24

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