Won't Go For That

Nowadays, I stay home alone while everyone in my family goes off to work or school. My first boyfriend called me up one day and asked if he could come over so we could hang out. So, we arranged for him to come over the next day while everyone was gone. The next morning, he came over and we went for a walk around our neighborhood. We ended up back at our house with a few hours to spare. So, I invited him inside. We just laid side-by-side on my bed talking, and he brought up the fact that we had never kissed since we started going out. But now he wanted us to kiss. I was reluctant at first, but he kept asking. So, I gave in. At first, it was a simple kiss on the lips. But things got hot, and we both got more and more passionate. He got on top of me and we began to kiss each other harder. He kissed my neck which is my weak spot. I just get so tingly when I'm kissed there. It only made me want him more. We continued this until it almost got out of control. I ended it. Afterwards, I wasn't very happy. I didn't like him. I guess I just wanted to be kissed again since it had been a while. Afterwards, he told me that we were friends with benefits. Frankly, I just don't go for that. So, after he left, I forced myself to push him out of my mind. He called the next day, but I ignored him. He was so insistent on our first kiss that he didn't even stop to think about how it would affect our friendship. So, frankly, I want nothing more to do with him.

— Kitty, 19

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