A Jealous Woman

I have never shared this with anyone and needed to get this off my chest. My husband and I have been married six years now. The week before we were married, my husband had his bachelor party. I was a good girl, a religious girl that had waited all this time and was going to keep my V card until we tied the knot. So I had insisted with him that our parties were to have no strippers. I tended to be a bit jealous at that time, as I was only twenty-one. But, I was a typical jealous woman and wanted to know what they were going to be up too for his bachelor party. I got wind that there was indeed going to be strippers at the party; I even found out which company they had hired. I was pretty enraged and frustrated. In hindsight, what I should have done was talked to him about it, but I didn't want him thinking I was snooping. So I got this crazy idea that if he was going to see anyone strip for him, it was going to be me. I don't know what got into me, but that was my rationale at the time. I called up the company, had the stripper cancelled, and went and purchased a blonde wig (I am a brunette) and a mask that sufficiently and elegantly covered my face. I did up my makeup all crazy to change my look, and even covered over a birth mark on my back with a fake tattoo and a few other ones so that my fiancé was not suspicious. He was only going to see me naked! That night I arrived and I was well liquored up. Having no idea of how and what to do, and identified myself as "Candy" from the adult entertainment company. I gave my husband a strip he will never forget. He had no clue. He was well liquored up himself. Afterwards, I felt really guilty, as not only did I strip for my now husband, but also four of his close friends and my father-in-law. I ended up giving all of them full nude lap dances one by one and even allowed some mild touching. I was extremely turned on that night, but will never forget my father-in-law feeling on my breasts and butt. I still feel awkward around him and his buddies - if they only knew! I know boys will be boys, but never underestimate a jealous woman. I regret it, but will say that it made me very horny doing it. This one has to go to the grave with me.

— Jocelyn, 27

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