Mission Impossible?

My confession gets me excited just thinking about it. I live in a university sorority house with many other girls. One of the girls there is a Mormon; you know, one of those people who don't drink or have sex before marriage. Well, she would often have two friends over to talk about church things with her. They called themselves "missionaries" and always wore suits and ties and were not allowed to be alone with a girl, let alone touch a girl or have sex with her. As part of a dare from one of my sorority sisters, I tried to get one of the more gorgeous missionaries to have sex with me. I would always wear skimpy, revealing clothing when they came by, to their delight, but they never did anything about it. I think it was because they were always worried about what the other one would think. However, I got an opportunity when one of the missionaries went to use the restroom, which is right next to my door. I pretended to not know that he was there and walked in on him naked. He turned bright red and stared at my breasts. I closed the door and told him that he could have me. He said he couldn't because the other missionary would know. Thinking quickly, I asked him where he lived and told him to sneak out away from his friend that night at three a.m. I said we could have sex in my car, and that I would be waiting outside his apartment. We did just that. I got him into the backseat of my car and we had sex. He was very nervous and shy about it. I don't know what happened to him and I never saw him again, but I accomplished my goal of doing a missionary!

— Corinne, 20

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