What An Evening!

When I was twenty-seven, my husband and I separated for awhile. During this time, I was working in the office of a small electrical company. The boss landed a nice large contract, so we all stayed after work and partied. I do not remember how it came up, but the subject of sex came up. I was one of only two females there - the boss's wife was the other one. Anyway, the electricians started hitting on me. I was turned on by all the male attention. The guys knew it, and kept it up. One thing let to another, and I offered to pull a chain and do all of them one after another. Two of the men moved the office couch into the back room for me. I did all of them that night except the boss; a total of eight guys. I was so sore for the next week or so that I could hardly move, but what an evening. The next week was interesting at work as the men would come and go out of the office. I got a lot of attention, and teasing. It was a spur of the moment thing for me, but made me feel young and wanted again. When my husband and I got back together, I told him what I had done and he accepted it with grace.

— Lorraine, 36

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