Inside And Outside Boyfriends

I have a boyfriend in prison and one not in prison. I told the one on the outside that the one in prison is just a friend and that visiting those in prison is my Christian duty. After waiting over a month to get on the visiting list, and several in person visits, I decided it was time to have sex with my inside boyfriend. I have a girlfriend whose husband is in the same prison, and she knew connections to allow the use of the bathroom. I planned the encounter and took my outside boyfriend shopping with me and bought a new blue dress. I wore no panties for visitation. I had to trade an expensive turquoise necklace and bracelet for fifteen minutes in the bathroom with my boyfriend. Although it was done in a bathroom, the sex was really great. I was so into it that I didn't notice I had gotten a very large hickey on the back of my neck during the encounter. After visitation, I changed and went over to my outside boyfriend's house. He noticed the hickey, and we had a huge fight. He ordered me to get out and never come back. I'm back with my outside boyfriend now, but I don't think he'll ever trust me again.

— Bridgette, 20

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