Giving Relief

My husband and I went on vacation to Florida last spring with his brother and his wife. The first night there, I offered our packs of coffee to them because we aren't coffee drinkers. The next morning, shortly after my husband left for his run on the beach, Roy showed up for the coffee. Having just gotten out of the shower, I was in my robe, which was nothing sexy. He said Rachel was down at the pool saving us some chairs, so I walked out on the patio to see where she was sitting. I thought it was odd that Roy didn't follow me out until I realized that in the morning sun, he could see a perfect silhouette of my body under the robe! When I returned inside the room, I noticed he was doing his best to hide his excitement under his swimsuit. He was getting more embarrassed by the second when he couldn't stand up to leave. Long story short, I ended up manually relieving him. I never let him touch me or even see my naked body, though. No one ever found out and it was never repeated.

— Laura, 34

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