He's Not Worthy Of Me

I am totally pissed off at my husband. He got drunk and attempted to have sex with my sister who was at our house passed-out-drunk one night. She slept right through his advances, but the jerk was stupid and drunk enough to give her a go right in front of me! It wasn't long after that I unexpectedly ran into an old flame of mine from many years ago. As a matter of fact, this man was my first true love. We never did anything but some petting back then because we were so young. But seeing him again after all of these years, and being totally bent at my husband, I figured this was the perfect opportunity to make up for lost time. So, I slept with my first true love. I told him that I regretted I had given myself up for the first time to my jerk of a husband instead of him. The man I married did not deserve me at all.

— Jean, 39

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