Seizing The Moment

I recently have been talking to a man online. We are of the same age and have never met. We first met because one of my best friends was interested in him. After a little less than a year, a plan was made for him to meet me. However that was ruined. When talking on the phone one night his mother, who still thinks I live near them, wondered why I didn't go with him to his school dance. I thought this was a wonderful idea and I would have if I could have pulled it off. Thankfully, I have two girlfriends who are ready to do anything to get out of town. We didn't tell anyone what we were doing. We made plans and told others that we would be at one of the other friend's house. Then we all drove four and a half hours to meet a person I'd never seen, and have him and one of his friends take all three of us to a dance. We left the dance early and went out cruising for drinks until past midnight. We were all underage, so it was hard to find any place to get drinks without getting the boys in trouble. Finally, we got something and went back to the hotel room. Two hours later, my friends decided that my guy should stay the night, but his friend had to go. After an hour, they decided to leave as well in order to give us some space. They came back an hour later, but we still hadn't done anything much to that point. We were still cherishing the whole fact that this was one of the few times we would meet. However, after my two friends fell asleep in the bed next to us, we started getting down to business. Half an hour before I had to leave, we were still going at it. I have no regrets at all, although I do feel bad for my two friends who had to sleep next to us!

— Chloe, 19

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