Playing Doctor

Well, I really don't know what to say. I had gotten a gynecologist. My doctor turned out to be the hottest guy I've ever met. He seemed to be attracted to me. I was in my paper scrub which was a bit awkward at first. When he asked me my problems, I told him that my breasts were feeling weird. He asked me how, and I said I couldn't describe it. I grabbed his hand and put it over my breast. He said he couldn't tell and needed to examine further. He said he would do that after we discussed some more things. When he asked me to examine my privates I said, "Yes, but I don't want any wooden things in there," and then I winked. I could tell he was getting kinky, and he put his rubber gloves on. I spread my legs wide apart, and he did what he had to with his fingers. I started moaning. Then I saw the bulge in his pants get bigger and bigger. He left the room to get some papers and said he would be back. I quickly untied my scrub and wore it backwards so my breasts were showing. I tied that part up and sat there like nothing happened. He proceeded to check my stomach and told me, "I think you wore your scrub backwards. I asked him, "I did?" innocently. He untied the bottom part and did his examinations. He then turned around to write something down. I quickly undid my scrub and let it fall to the floor. I told him he hadn't examined my breasts yet. He came over and squeezed my breasts so hard it felt good. I took his coat, pants, and shirt off and saw that his package was big. He knelt down and gave me oral. It's just crazy. I gave him oral after a while, and he laid me on the examination table and we had sex. We tried many different positions and had the time of our lives. I am now married to this doctor and sometimes we still play doctor.

— Coreen, 26

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