My First Time

I have been married for six years and have a four year-old boy. I was raised in a pretty stable environment that taught me to believe marriage was a sacred and holy union. Anyway, I have always been curious about being with men other than my husband. I feel it's natural to want something different and new, but I have never actually acted upon it. I am an active member in theatre, so there are many people I have connected with. One day, one certain person responded to my curiosity. I accepted, knowing it would change my life. I got flirtatious for a while, then the feelings grew. This person was much younger and less experienced than I. That may have drawn me to him even more. Needless to say, over time my husband caught on. To my surprise, he actually understood and allowed it to continue provided it was only for fun and excitement. He wanted me to be truly happy. The relationship got stronger, and my marriage got better and better, until something changed. My husband found someone else to be with on the side, and I started to get jealous. I did not want to be with my guy anymore. I made him drop his girl, and I dropped my guy. We are all mutual friends. I run into him every now and again, and those feelings are still there. But I know what ends up happening when you go for that extra fun. I've experienced the unnecessary pain, and it just isn't worth it.

— Annette, 28

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