I Like To Experiment

I am Ginger and I have been married for 13 years and have two teenaged kids. Before marriage, I had several partners. I always liked to experiment with new partners. I enjoy trying new stuff and stunts. Just after my marriage, I told my husband about my views on sex and how I like it. To my biggest surprise, he was turned on by it. He granted my 'full' freedom for sex and said I can have sex with anyone I like and for as long as I want. But, he also said I should not forget the responsibilities of my family. Since then, I have had sex with many, many guys. Once, I invited a guy home in the morning. I had my relatives and friends at home for a get-together at 11am. I was ok, but soon I wanted a quicky, so I quietly took my friend upstairs while all my relatives and friends were downstairs chatting and eating. Soon, he told me that he brought three more friends and he called them upstairs. What was to be a quick one ended up being group sex with four guys. I did all four in twenty minutes. There was not much foreplay, but I am sure you can imagine the rest.

— Ginger, 37

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